About Us

Rixi Bhatia

Rixi Bhatia

A fashion designer by profession, a dreamer at heart, and an art enthusiast for life. Rixi is an innovative entrepreneur, who has co- founded two design brands; Attic, the fashion & lifestyle store in 2008, Quirk Box, the quirky fashion label in 2011.

Her design sensibility is inspired by texture, fabric and art, which is integrated in the surface ornamentation techniques. From print, to pattern, to embroidery, she follows the art meets fashion ideology.

As an entrepreneur, Rixi is passionate and driven by the challenge to work with new innovative concepts. All her brands have been front runners in their respective categories and she intends to do the same with Half Full Curve.

  Curvy women are extremely confident in their skin, but there are market inflicted rules on their fashion style, which restricts them from being their own. Half Full works with the rule, it is not about the size you wear, style is about how you wear your size.  


Tinka Bhatia

A hospitality consultant and a fashion retailer, Tinka transforms into her professional roles with ease and confidence. With fashion, her experience is diverse. Her expertise ranges from know-how in manufacturing, exports, retail and online. She has co- founded Attic, the fashion & lifestyle store in 2008 and been a food & fashion consultant for several brands.

A non-conformist by nature, she thrives on her risk taking ability with new ideas. A true Boss woman with her managerial skills and forthright attitude, she is known for spearheading all her projects.

A curvy woman herself, she is confident in her skin, unapologetic for her choices and free spirited, which makes her the muse for the label.

  I have always struggled with finding clothes in my size which aren’t boring, anti-fit, or oversized. Fashion in sync with global trends isn’t available for the curvy woman. Half Full is a one stop shop for all things fashion for curvy women, and allows you to try clothes in your size in the ready to wear segment, unlike any other designer brand.