Half Full Philosophy

You are so much more than a number, so much more than your size, shape, age, colour, gender. We are a size inclusive label, and truly believe that beautiful clothes are for everyone, why should size limit your style. ​

Our Story

Made in India, based out of Bombay, Half full was founded in 2017 by sisters, Rixi & Tinka Bhatia. The label draws inspiration from art, culture, nature, travel, to create clothing that is elegant, beautiful chic, high in quality and craftsmanship. We want our pieces to last you through many memories, occasions, and repeat wears. 

We love fashion, embroidery, textiles, travel, food, flowers, bollywood and most of all, chai with cake. Half Full was born after a failed shopping spree, cause we found a dearth of good curvy fashion in India. Half Full breaks the norm of antifit, boring, traditional, oversized clothing for curvy people. We wanted a one stop shop for all things fashion for curvy women, designs in sync with global trends, clothes which you can try in your size, clothes which are customised for your shape & size.

Half Full Curve

Handcrafted, intricate, & beautiful. Embroidery & kaarigari are the soul of Half Full Curve. Transforming real life inspiration into highly detailed embroidery is the USP of the label. The craftsmanship of each piece is a meticulous process from design, to hand embroidery, to stitching to the final finishing of the product, these pieces are meant to last you through memories and celebrations.

The narrative of the designs is to bring joy & exuberance to the wearer, make it your own, to enhance your personal style. Rooted in the Indian traditional Kaarigari, but global in design and spirit.

Half Full Art

Art is the heart of Half Full. Inspired by life, people, nature, this is our creative expression transformed into original art prints. A new dimension to our design store, the art collections are trans-seasonal, joyful, and global by mood. Travel, party, dance, celebrate in them, this clothing is for everyone. Size, age, race, gender, colour does not matter, Half Full Art is for You.

Style each piece to enhance your personality, make it your own. Wear it on different occasions, wear the same piece in different ways, it is your wearable art, have fun with it.

The Art line merges art with fashion, with art prints created exclusively for Half Full by new, upcoming artists, illustrators, designers. A new perspective with each collection, taking you on the artists journey of visual imagination.